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James (Macquarie Private Wealth ) has kindly given his permission to use his experience in the following case study.

James often felt sick with anxiety whenever he had to speak in public. It didn’t matter whether it was a small business meeting or a large audience at a seminar.

He started to train with me. We worked on his body language - arms, hands and feet movements, making sure they no longer distracted from his message. He used more eye contact and became more connected with his audience. He ensured his presentation slides showed real, vivid images with few, if any, words. He engaged his audiences’ attention by telling real stories and using examples and statistics that make his core message both relevant and memorable. And he rehearsed out loud - a lot.

James started to enjoy speaking in public and found he was getting great feedback from both clients and colleagues. He then did something unusual – he quantified the difference the training had made. His work diary showed he had gone from 25% follow-ups before training with me, to 85% after.

James told me over a coffee recently that he now actively seeks opportunities to speak - and this year he has brought in more business for his company than ever before. It is his best year yet in business.

Best of all, not only is he now thoroughly enjoying public speaking, he's attracting more business. He knows he’s not wasting his time - or his breath!

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