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Professional Business Presentations
Learn to develop public speaking skills which allow you or your staff to give winning presentations.
Learn to enjoy Public Speaking
Through one on one coaching become confident and engaging so that you will communicate more effectively.
Professional speaking skills training
Through one on one training develop public speaking skills and become an engaging communicator.
Strategic Storytelling for Business
Strategic, well-told stories persuade, motivate and inspire.


No matter how confident they might seem, speaking in public is a challenge for most people. Through our work with both corporate and individual clients, we have found lack of experience is no bar to gaining confidence in a few intensive sessions. Motivation is key.

Do your presenting skills need polishing?

Whether you need to learn the basics or polish existing skills to a new level, we provide a safe, supportive public speaking training environment to bring about a confident transformation in speaking, presentation and media communication skills. And we will ensure your presentation does not suffer 'Death by Powerpoint'. We use proven techniques to unlock people's potential and - we guarantee results.

Are you comfortable talking to the media - or a camera?

We show you how to turn a dull, boring delivery into a more engaging one for TV, radio, print and digital and website viewers. We will help you master sound bites, use stories and get clarity in messages. We can advise on body language - including dress and make-up. Your image is an important part of your message in media, website and business presentations.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • A fast response service for that last minute business presentation, meeting or interview and for special personal events - wedding speech, birthday speech or eulogy.
  • A mobile service - we travel where you need us when you need us.
  • Training customised to your needs. And we can train your in-house trainers.

Jane's Blogg on public speaking

normanRecently I heard the actor, talk show host and professional storyteller Graham Norton, give a basic guide on how to tell a story well. ‘It’s an art form as old as Time’ he said. He’s right. We’ve been telling stories since the Pleistocene era.

Today we also use stories to make business presentations, pitches and meetings more effective and memorable.

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"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."  - Albert Einstein

Einstein sums up one of the basic rules of speaking.  
So when you prepare your next speech/presentation make sure you:

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strategic story tellingStrategic Story Telling

On strategic storytelling - ‘Tell to Win’ author and business guru Peter Guber describes purposeful storytelling as a ‘Trojan Horse’. An audience takes in a good story not realising they’ve received the teller’s hidden message. Sneaky? Maybe. But it works.

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You’ve probably heard the old maxim ‘people may forget what you said, and they may forget what you did, but they will never, ever forget how you made them feel.’  

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